Subject: New Management Alert: Managing Your Return on People

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Managing Your ROP: Return on People
Printing Industries of America’s Management Alert series from its Center for Print Economics and Management provides PIA members with information on key management strategies, issues, and practices. 

This Management Alert edition is titled Managing your ROP: Return on People. ROI (return on investment) is a common performance metric in business. ROI is important because it measures the return from capital invested in the business. However, while capital in the form of buildings, machinery, equipment, and owner’s equity is essential to doing business, it may not be the most valuable asset to a typical printer. Ask a number of printers (or any business) to name their number one asset, and many, if not most, will likely say it is their people.
So, how about measuring and managing ROP—return on people. In this Management Alert we examine the concept of ROP for printers by discussing:
  • Why ROP is an important performance measurement
  • How to measure ROP
  • Managing by ROP
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