Subject: National Buying Program - Caliper

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Caliper has been the industry standard in
employment assessments for over 50 years.

Printing Industries of America’s National Buying Program provides resources, perks and advantages, and member discounts on products and services. This month, Caliper, an employee assessment and talent development solutions company, provides a deeper, more comprehensive suite of talent management solutions that you can use throughout your entire employee life cycle—from selection to succession.

Hiring the right person for your business is no easy task. Caliper knows because they have been working with companies in the printing industry for decades and have seen it all.

Unfortunately, not much has changed. Too many hiring managers still rely on outdated hiring practices like resumes, interviews, and background checks, only to experience high turnover and employee related issues.

But there's a better way! At Caliper, a hiring and development assessment has been created to accurately predict how an individual will perform in a given role based on their intrinsic motivators—something you can't determine from the interview.

The truth: it's all about potential. This assessment can be used to improve hiring, develop tomorrow's leaders today, build high-performing teams, and help you focus on succession planning by putting the right people in the right roles. When people are properly aligned to their strengths, business is transformed.

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