Subject: May 2017 PIA Affiliate Update

May 2017 Affiliate Update

The new Printing Industries of America website went live this month, and the marketing team is very pleased with how everything has turned out. If you have any questions about where information is located or how to make sure your links are up-to-date, please contact Sam Shea at

On the updated site at, each affiliate has a page of dedicated space for visitors to learn more about your organization. If you would like to customize the information on this page, you are free to do so by submitting your suggested copy. Copy for the page must be no longer than 500 words. Each page will already contain your affiliate logo and contact information (including your website). You may also include up to two additional links. We will do a call to update the page every quarter. Please send your suggested copy to Sam Shea at

The event calendar on the new website has space to add some of your affiliate events. As we are trying to keep the event calendar from getting too crowded, only major affiliate events will be accepted—conferences, award programs, and board meetings. If you would like to make a submission, please click here.

You also may have noticed that we switched over to our new, modernized email marketing platform. If you would like to add staff to email promotions coming from PIA headquarters, please email Kayleigh Cray at


PIA's newest major event, Inkjet Ready! will be an online conference featuring cutting-edge sessions on the latest in inkjet. Inkjet Ready! will take place on August 9 and 10, and the content from the event will live on our website in curated form. We recently created a landing page on the event at Members can start registering here.

Print and Packaging Legislative Summit
The Print and Packaging Legislative Summit (formerly known as Print’s Voice) will take place on June 20-21 in Washington, DC. We recently mailed out flyers explaining in detail what attendees can expect for this event. We have also uploaded the digital file to the Summit folder on the affiliate-only site. Please share this information with your members so we can bring stories about print business and its impact to Capitol Hill.

PRINT 17 will take place on September 10-13 in Chicago, IL. This year, we were able to aquire a good spot with about the same amount of space as last year. We plan to include the affiliates in the booth again for the PRINT show, so keep an eye out for information on a call regarding details.


The Center for Technology and Research is still accepting submissions for the 2017 InterTech Technology Awards! If you have any vendors in your area with innovative new technologies, we hope that you will encourage them to enter this competition. All entries must be received by June 2. In the InterTech Technology Awards folder, you will find a half-page ad and the call for entries brochure. If you have any questions about the entry process, please contact Jim Workman at

Other Awards
Nominations for both the Lewis Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award and the Naomi Berber Memorial Award are due on June 16. In the Individual Awards folder on Soonr, you will find the Lewis Award nomination form and the Berber Award nomination form. We sincerely hope that you will take the time to let us know of deserving candidates for these honors!


All of the savings reports we currently have are available in the Buying Program section on Soonr. Since you last received this update, we have been able to release a few more reports. The 1Q 2017 Caliper report is available in the Caliper Savings Report Folder. The 1Q 2017 Staples report is available in the Staples Savings Report Folder. The 4Q 2016 savings report for FedEx has been uploaded to the FedEx Savings report folder.

As a reminder, the royalty program with Xerox was terminated on March 31, 2017. The discounted buying program for members will still be in effect, but we will no longer be receiving royalties for purchases. If you have any questions about the partnership with Xerox moving forward, please contact Julie Shaffer or Michael Makin.

We will still be receiving a royalty check for the first quarter of 2017, but we have not received the report at headquarters just yet. When the report is received, we will distribute the funds as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about royalty payments, please contact Kayleigh Cray at

We recently partnered with Mailers Hub to offer members access to an annual subscription with a $100 discount! Mailers Hub, launched in 2016, was created to answer the needs of today’s printers and commercial mailers. You can find a press release detailing the arrangement in the Mailers Hub folder. We also encourage you to use the quarter-page ad to spread this news to your members. Visit for more information. 


We’ve recently begun a new discounted service for membership with ChromaChecker. ChromaChecker is a set of cloud-based applications for color control that offers independent, fast, and accurate evaluation of measured data. The system allows for reporting conformance based on the operator, timeframe, job number, or customer. Members of Printing Industries of America and affiliates are eligible for a 20% discount on enrollment. For more information, you can watch the recording of the “Managing Color Across Multiple Devices” webinar. You can find the ChromaChecker logo, sample promotional copy, and sample social media posts in the ChromaChecker folder.

The 2017 Dynamic Ratios Survey is open for participation! Members and non-members can participate in this industry financial benchmarking survey by clicking here. Keep an eye out for promotional materials for this project in the Dynamic Ratios folder on the affiliate-only site.

Financial Performance Assessment
Don’t forget about the Financial Performance Assessment Kit available in the Economics folder. Affiliates who refer new assessments to the Center for Print Economics and Management could be eligible for a rebate. In the kit, we provide the original press release about the Financial Performance Assessment, last year’s magazine article written by economist Tai McNaughton, a sample report, and the recording of the February webinar. To help you promote this to your members, we’ve also included a half-page ad, a web banner, and a postcard in this kit. New this month, we've also added a FAQ sheet for the FPA that you can include in your mailings. 

In an effort to build more credibility for the Center for Print Economics and Management, Ron Davis and Tai McNaughton have created an interactive dashboard map that shows printing shipments by states. While anyone can see a sample of the dashboard, only members have access to every county. You can view this dashboard at There is also a dashboard map available for printing establishments available at Again, only members have access to the full version of the map. For more information about this new tool, please contact Tai McNaughton at


The rest of the Environmental, Health, and Safety webinars are uploaded into our online store and are ready for registration. The next event in the series, taking place June 9, is a two-part webinar on the lockout/tagout requirements for the print industry (register for both parts here). The next webinar will take place in July and will teach the requirements for personal protective equipment (register here). For questions regarding the content of these webinars, please contact Gary Jones at

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