Subject: Make it your priority to attend the 2018 Continuous Improvement Conference!

Make it your priority to attend the 
2018 Continuous Improvement Conference!
There is always room for improvement - in our personal lives, our professional lives and in the operations of our companies. It is our drive to achieve, our need to do better that makes us want to learn and develop new skills and find ways to improve. Your company may be just starting out on its journey of continuous improvement or it may be far enough down the road that it is time to look back and see where things could have been done better. Regardless of your progress toward operational excellence, there is plenty to learn at the 2018 Continuous Improvement Conference, from developing better leadership skills to the effective use of Lean processes and tools.

This year's theme, Set Priorities - Create Value - Unlock Potential, acknowledges the critical aspects of establishing improvement priorities, focusing on value by minimizing non-value added activities, and unleashing the many talents of employees.

What to Expect
The 2018 Continuous Improvement Conference is designed to give executives and managers the right tools to implement and sustain continuous improvement programs in their organizations. You can expect to: 
  • Develop a roadmap to your company's success.
  • Learn in detail how to implement specific improvement strategies.
  • Discover how the concepts and tools of Lean manufacturing are implemented successfully each day in the printing industry.
  • Examine case studies by printing companies revealing their advanced approaches to cutting costs and becoming more productive.
  • Get advice and inspiration from nationally-known authorities in operational excellence.
  • Find out the guiding leadership principles that propel some of North America's best companies.
  • Hear what it takes to lead a cultural transformation in your company.
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