Subject: Gain Industry Profit Insight with PIA’s Dynamic Ratios

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Gain Industry Profit Insight with 
PIA’s Dynamic Ratios

The 2017-18 Dynamic Ratios results are in and they are showing modest industry profits across the board. Did you know you can receive a more targeted version of the Ratios based on your own company? This is your chance to benchmark yourself in your specialized area and see how other companies in your niche are doing.

We have 9 different volumes for you to choose from:

  • Management Guide to the Dynamic Ratios
  • All Printers by Sales Volume and Geographic Area
  • All Printers by Product Specialty
  • Sheetfed Printers by Sales Volume and Geographic Area
  • Web Offset Printers and Combination Offset Web/Sheetfed Printers
  • Printers with Sales over $22,000,000
  • Printers with Sales under $4,000,000
  • Digital Printers
  • Commercial and Advertising Printers

By purchasing a Dynamic Ratios volume, you’ll gain access to financial and productivity benchmarks that can help your company become more efficient, productive, confident, focused, and profitable.

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