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Quarter 2, July 2017

The Printing Industries of America's EHS Quarterly Bulletin has a fresh, new look! We hope you enjoy!
OSHA Compliance for Printing Workshop

Printing Industries of America’s EHS team is excited to announce a new OSHA compliance program that will be hosted at its Warrendale, PA facility. On October 11th and 12th, the team will provide an in-depth, interactive experience on OSHA regulations applicable to the printing industry.

During the workshop, participants will gain an understanding of key OSHA regulations, compliance strategies, elements of required written programs, and how to respond to an OSHA inspection. Participants will receive an OSHA compliance information package complete with written program templates, PI
A’s OSHA Primer, and other valuable resources. 

With only 20 seats available, you may want to register early.  
For more information or to register, visit

PINE Consultation

Printing Industries of America’s EHS team is at it again. Printing Industries of New England’s (PINE) Tad Parker called on the team’s unique skill set to ensure that members are compliant with OSHA’s lockout/tagout (LOTO) standard. Just this week, Matthew Crownover aided a member in the development of their LOTO Program. The process begins with an initial site visit where PIA analyzes each piece of equipment for energy sources and specific lockout points. After the written program is developed, PIA returns to the member’s facility to train all employees on their newly developed LOTO program.

Solvent Contaminated Wipes (Shop Towel) Rule

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has amended the hazardous waste regulations that affect the way your operation needs to manage solvent-contaminated wipes. The change addresses both reusable and disposable solvent-contaminated wipes and allows them to be managed as non-hazardous waste.  Its purpose is to provide a minimum uniform set of requirements designed to protect human health and the environment while providing for operational flexibility.

The Federal Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Rule took effect in January 2014. Since the rule is deregulatory, it must be adopted by each individual state before it becomes effective.  While many states have adopted the rule, not all states have undergone rulemaking. If your state has not adopted the rule, you will have to follow your current state policy, which may include hazardous waste management. To find out if your state has adopted the rule, visit the EPA Compliance page at

Personal Protective Equipment 
July 14, 2017  2:00 - 3:00 PM EST

During this webinar, the team will review OSHA's PPE requirements and analyze common job duties throughout the printing industry and the hazards they present. Utilizing PIA's PPE hazard assessment template, the team will demonstrate how to conduct a formal assessment to identify the appropriate PPE for each employee activity.

What You Will Learn
• OSHA's requirements
• How to complete a hazard assessment
• PPE that employers must provide
• Proper PPE management
• Employee training requirements

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