Subject: Color Management— Helping with Process Optimization

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Helping with Color Management—
Process Optimization

PIA’s Center for Technology and Research offers many products and services to help you better manage and control color throughout the production process. Why is color management so important? Because it improves quality, helps maintain consistency between runs and across processes, and reduces waste. The products and services we offer that support best practices in color management include:
  • Process controls tools 
  • Independent third-party analysis of the color management process 
  • Test form analysis—companies send us color management test forms, and we offer our recommendations for changes to their process to improve color management, changes to prepress settings, and other remote diagnostics 
  • Development of sample sheets to different specifications (product testing) 
  • Analysis of consumables such as ink and paper to quantify their impact on color management 
  • Free technical hotline for any color management questions
If you are troubleshooting color and quality problems too often, let us assist you to find the cause and implement a more effective process. We can help you get your color under control with a technical color management assessment, proof-to-press verification, and by becoming a G7® Master Printer.

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