Subject: Changing Structure of the Print Industry Special Report Now Available

Special Report on the Changing Structure of the Printing Industry Now Available

Dear Printing Industries of America Member:

Printing Industries of America’s Center for Print Economics and Management is dedicated to providing PIA members with the tools they need to compete and prosper in today’s challenging business environment including a series of special reports on important industry topics. We have just completed another report in this series, Special Report on the Changing Structure of the Printing Industry.

This report is provided to members without charge as part of their membership in Printing Industries of America and their local affiliate. The price for non-members is $200. Your free copy is included with this mailing.

The one constant in the printing industry is change—in technologies, in products and services, and in the economic and competitive structure of the industry. Economists typically focus on the number and size of firms when discussing industry structure, and these are the primary issues covered in this report. More specifically, the report contains:

• An examination of the changes to the economic structure of the printing industry from 2004 to 2015 with a primary focus on trends in employment and the number of printing establishments
• A discussion of the outlook for future changes to industry structure
• A competitive scan for each state

If you have any specific questions or issues on the report, you can contact me at or 412-259-1756 or Dr. Ron Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, at 434-591-0527 or


Tai McNaughton, Economist

301 Brush Creek, Warrendale, PA 15086, United States
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