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Quarterly Newsletter - May 2019
Keep inefficiencies from standing in the way of your profits with 
PIA’s new Profit Booster program 

The Profit Booster program provides a practical financial and operational assessment of your company that aims to improve your bottom line. Profit Booster begins with a Key Performance Metrics analysis, comparing and analyzing key performance metrics against those of profit leaders that are similar in size, processes, and business models.

It also provides a variance analysis to diagnose problems that may be leading to less than optimal profits. The Profit Booster’s intention is to provide a short, focused management map that addresses ways to remedy the problems presented in the analysis sections. 

Three months of follow-up consultation is also provided so that we can assist in the implementation of the action plan. Visit the Profit Booster website today for more information on how you can participate in this affordable program, ranging from $999 to $1,999 depending on annual sales volume.
PIA, in conjunction with the Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University, 
releases a report on Human Resource Management in the Printing Industry

HR issues can present themselves at any time, regardless of the state of the economy and industry. That is why it is integral to have solid information on how to effectively deal with these scenarios as they arise. 

This report covers a wide array of topics including: 
  • Overall printing industry HR trends 
  • Industry occupational openings
  • Effective recruiting practices 
  • Candidate selection practices 
  • HR best practices 

By compiling and analyzing survey results from some of the most successful printers in our network, we are able to pass this information along to you in a clear and concise report that can prove to be beneficial to your company. 
Progress update on new Performance Ratios

Our Center for Print Economics and Management is making progress on the new Performance Ratios program. The legacy Ratios program was the premier industry benchmarking program for almost 100 years, and Performance Ratios will provide new enhancements and insights. 

Right now we are constructing the “back office” infrastructure and platform including a new data collection process, more targeted key performance metrics on financial, strategic, and operational information, and designing an interactive dashboard. 

The new program will be more user-friendly than the legacy Ratios. We anticipate launching the new Performance Ratios in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! In the meantime, the latest legacy Ratios reports (2017-2018) are still very relevant and are available by visiting
Keep current with key trends outside and inside the printing plant

Make sure you receive and read the most up-to-date Flash Report and Management Alert. We publish and distribute the reports to all PIA members every month. 

The Flash Report  focuses on key trends outside the printing plant, including the outlook for the economy and overall print markets. Our forecasts have been extremely accurate assessments of the direction of the economy and print over the past few years. 

Our Management Alert  provides detailed insights on strategic, financial, and operational management topics such as profit leading strategies, pricing practices, HR practices, product and service benchmarking, and many others.

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