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Quarterly Newsletter - June 2018
Coming Soon—Updates on State Print Markets—PIA’s Print Market Atlas 

Most printers compete in local or regional markets but may know little about the key dynamics of that space. PIA’s Print Market Atlas allows members to understand their state and local print markets. The data presented includes the latest state profile information on number of printing plants, employment, and value of output. 

The next updated Atlas is almost final with a publication date in July. PIA members will be provided free copies of the Atlas once it is published. To learn more, email or call Dr. Ron Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, at 434-591-0527. 

New Print Performance Metrics under Construction

PIA’s Dynamic Ratios program was founded in 1921 and proved to be a viable and valuable program for over 90 years. However, the program has begun to show signs of age and irrelevance.

That’s why next year a brand-new program will be released that will be much easier to use while still providing relevant and focused information on key performance metrics. This new program will help members improve their bottom-lines by focusing on five topical areas:
  • Product/service profiles
  • Print processes and equipment profiles
  • Sales and operations profiles 
  • Investment profiles
  • Employee profiles 
The reports will provide data points on the above five topics plus focus on profit leaders and profit challengers as currently defined. The overall emphasis will be on key performance metrics—the management practices that influence high performance in the printing industry.

Also, the reports will contain improved statistical charts and infographics and provide averages as well as quartile data points. Findings would be provided in reports focused on printing processes, market segments, and annual sales categories.

Have you had your 2018 Financial Performance Assessment check-up? 

Printing Industries of America’s Center for Print Economics and Management provides a simple tool for printers to assess their strengths and weaknesses and to obtain an action plan to improve their bottom-line performance. The key features of the new Financial Performance Assessment include:
  • A detailed comparison and analysis of the printer’s key performance metrics with profit-leading firms that are similar in size, business models, and printing processes 
  • A comprehensive variance analysis examining the underlying reasons for performance issues
  • An action plan with recommendations for specific strategic management practices and operational improvements, such as lowering costs, saving resources, changing prices, and other actions to stop losses and increase sales and profits
  • Findings that are presented in both a detailed report to management plus a web-based presentation to the printer’s management team
  • Ongoing assistance and consultation as needed to help implement the action plan 
The research and analysis is conducted by Dr. Ron Davis, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist with over 28 years’ experience in financial analysis in the printing industry, and Tai McNaughton, Senior Economist at PIA. 

To participate in an assessment, companies need only complete a confidential questionnaire on their current financials. The assessment report is delivered within three to four weeks. For more information or to schedule a Financial Performance Assessment, contact Tai McNaughton at or 412-259-1756 or Dr. Ron Davis at or 434-591-0527.

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