Subject: You Can Accomplish More Than You Think In Two Years. Here’s How, Step by Step

This is about building a life by your own design, and refusing to accept the limitations and obligations foisted on you by governments, corporations, and mainstream society.

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You Can Accomplish More Than You Think In Two Years. Here’s How, Step by Step
By The Daily Bell Staff - May 09, 2018

Steph and Matt hated the cold, hated the crowds, and hated their corporate work. But they lived in densely–populated, and often frigid, Massachusetts. They worked 9-5 Monday through Friday, and were lucky to get three weeks off per year. And to top it all off, high Massachusetts taxes took a big chunk of their earnings.

Enough was enough. They would find a way to move somewhere warm and rural, where they could live off the land and keep what they earned.

When they told their friends and family the plan, most thought it was just a dream.

“Ah, winter is rolling in, and it’s really getting to them this year. It will blow over when spring comes.”

But they were serious.

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