Subject: What the Hell Are These Colleges Talking About?

Why does everything have to be queered or read in the light of gender indeterminacy?

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What the Hell Are These Colleges Talking About?
By Joe Jarvis - March 31, 2018

"Comparative in scope, this talk looks at the racial, gendered, and queer configurations that the religious symbols and objects of hijab and turban provide."

Aaaand they lost me. What the hell is a racial, gendered, and queer configuration have to do with turbans and hijabs? Perhaps I would know if I went to the talk–or could find it on youtube. But I suspect that the lecture consisted of similar lunacy masked by an intelligent sounding–but incomprehensible–mashup of words.

It costs $35,000 a year for out of state students to attend the University of Texas at Austin...

Was Jesus a Drag King?


But that hasn’t stopped the chair of New Testament Studies at Holy Cross, a Catholic University, from claiming so, and other nonsense.

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