Subject: The Problem Isn’t Robots, The Problem is Attitude

The government plan creates no new wealth. They simply redistribute existing wealth through a basic income. This is an opportunity for humanity to use 30% of their productive time in exciting new endeavors. If we let the government have their way, they will destroy that opportunity.

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The Problem Isn’t Robots, The Problem is Attitude
By Joe Jarvis - November 29, 2017

Robots are taking our jobs. We all know that by now. And it sounds scary. But it really isn’t.

It is understandably upsetting if you are one of the people who will be out of a job. There can be growing pains as the economy shifts. People who thought they were all set until retirement might have to find new jobs, and gain new skills.

But robots taking menial jobs means more time. Some people used their time to come up with robots that will save countless hours of human labor. Imagine what humans can come up with using all the new free time they created.

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