Subject: Serendipia Nest: From Boarding House to Border-less Nation

"The idea is to create a decentralized digital startup society, where we will have physical spaces that serve as innovation hubs... It is a borderless digital society, where the only physical expression of it will be the houses."
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Serendipia Nest: From Boarding House to Border-less Nation

Does a nation have to be location based? What if one house in San Francisco, one city block in South America, and a villa in Asia were all part of a decentralized nation?

What would make it a nation? A unique culture. A set of values. Mutual aid. Even its own currency.

That is the ultimate goal of co-founder of Serendipia Nest, Jean-Loïck Michaux, or as his friends call him, J-LO.

He co-founded the living space in San Francisco in 2016, which has already been the host to dozens of entrepreneurs from around the world. I sat down and talked to him about Serendipia Nest. [You can see the interview on Youtube. Because the audio is sub-par, I have only included select quotes for this article.]

"We decided to start our first community co-living home for entrepreneurs, change makers, artists, risk takers, and the crazy ones as we like to call them."

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