Subject: Is That Real Fake News or Real News Called Fake?

The “fake news” phenomenon makes free speech more important than ever. It makes open discussion and freedom of expression paramount to getting to the bottom of the truth.
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Is That Real Fake News or Real News Called Fake?
By Joe Jarvis - December 30, 2017

At what point does hyperbole become fake news?

Because an article on Axios decrying the ill effects of fake news starts:

Donald Trump in one year has done more to discredit and diminish truth, facts and media than any other figure in our lifetime.
Oh boy. Where to start? I guess the first thing is first: this is not a defense of Donald Trump. Surely he has tweeted and said many things that can be considered false or misleading. I got an angry email the other day after I wrote a piece called Headlines Like These Are Why Trump Isn’t Worried.

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