Subject: How To Stop The Shape-Shifters with one easy change

This is powerful, Matrix level stuff.
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How To Stop The Shape-Shifters with one easy change
By Peter DeBoer - January 22, 2018

What is this wizardry?

We live in the future now. Backflipping robots, driverless cars and now the Shapeshifters have arrived.

Have you heard of the new software that can make a sunny street appear snow covered in real time? It’s called ‘Image Translation.’

Put on some goggles and you’ll make Alaska look like Hawaii.

Or how about the software that changes the facial movements you make on video, also in real time. ‘Facial re-enactment’ – soon to be used on a stepmother near you.

Then there’s Lyrebird, the speech simulator that can mimic your voice. One can only imagine the mischief this kind of tech will breed.

These tools can hijack the world around you, your face and voice.

They can create a new you, saying and doing things you never said or did.

This is powerful, Matrix level stuff.

Of course, these new techniques will find nefarious use. But let’s not pretend we’re surprised. We knew this was coming – and now it’s here.

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