Subject: “Bitcoin will go to $40,000 this year. . .”

Specific to Bitcoin, for example, a truly honest assessment of the core software may lead to the conclusion that it’s technologically inferior to newer tokens and coins.

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“Bitcoin will go to $40,000 this year. . .”
By Simon Black - May 07, 2018

Every year around this time I attend a small, private event to break bread with some of the most invigorating people I know.

There’s only about 100 people in the room– but they’re all at the top of their game… business and intellectual leaders from a variety of industries.

And we gather each year to build relationships with one another and hear about some cutting edge ideas that are usually 2-3 years from hitting the mainstream.

This past weekend’s event, for example, showcased some revolutionary medical advances, including an approach that targets specific proteins to treat afflictions that are caused by, or exacerbated by inflammation– including cancer, arthritis, etc.

It’s really exciting to see what’s on the near horizon with medical technology.

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