Subject: Are Social Justice Warriors Snowflakes? Or Just Cold…

In other words, this is predatory behavior… It is greed and power lust that makes people predisposed to feeling offended.
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Are Social Justice Warriors Snowflakes? Or Just Cold…
By Shanu Athiparambath - April 28, 2018

Every evening, I walk through a steep, narrow road from McLeod Ganj, where Mr. Dalai Lama lives, to my home down the hill.

A large dog runs madly around his house like a wild animal, trying to jump over the fence whenever he sees me. I find this strange because I am no threat to him. If he wants to socialize with me, he could have politely negotiated with his Buddhist human. I think he is being victimized by himself.

I feel similarly towards people who are easily offended. I don’t know what is wrong with them.

Philosopher David Livingstone Smith begins his book Why We Lie with the story of Mel, a little girl who digs out corm, an edible bulb, from rock-hard Ethiopian ground in the dry season when food is scarce.

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