Subject: 5 Tips to Get Out of Your Own Head and Free Your Mind

There are many aspects to achieving true freedom. Most importantly and where to start is freedom of the mind.
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5 Tips to Get Out of Your Own Head and Free Your Mind
By Joe Mirelli - February 26, 2018

Editor’s Note: Today we are taking a step back from politics to motivate a different kind of freedom. The base of a free society is free individuals, confident in their abilities, and secure in pursuing their happiness.

Joe Mirelli is a passionate musician and creative writer from the UK. Previously, he worked in various engineering organizations and 9-5 ‘dead end’ jobs until he realized – if he really wanted to be happy, he must free himself from this way of living.

When participating in an apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering, he was once ‘reassured’ that in years to come he would be on a great wage in the factory. Forget the ‘great wage’, nothing scared Joe more than the idea of still being in that environment in ‘years to come’. Not that engineering cannot be great, of course it can. But he knew he was destined for something different.

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