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Good day,

A reminder about a very helpful event on political angst later today, the original message is below.
Also, this Saturday, March 18th, one of the preeminent spiritual teachers of our time, Ram Dass, is presenting a free online event called, Relaxing Into Aging: How to Befriend the Changes with Humor, Grace & Lightness of Being.
Here's an interesting report from Vision of Humanity: Measuring Peacebuilding Cost-Effectivness


Are you feeling outrage, anxiety, or despair about the current political climate — not only in America but around the world?

What if you could learn to transform these troubling emotions into a source of personal and political empowerment so you could navigate life with increased clarity, purpose and spiritual strength?

Terry Patten, one of the foremost integral thinkers and activists of our day, has provocative questions — and answers — that can illuminate new ways of understanding and practicing with the challenges now facing us.

During this special online event, Terry will invite your soul to recognize its purpose as an “integral revolutionary”— someone who can contribute actively to sanity, wisdom, and cultural evolution in the midst of these tumultuous times.

Terry will shine a light onto the rich dance of evolutionary inquiry in a way that you can use to empower yourself to take positive actions aligned with the highest good for your family, community and country.
During this compelling hour, Terry will share with you:
  • How our moment is a spiritual initiation into a new kind of citizenship
  • Why the recent U.S. election is a call for the evolution of both left and right
  • A practice that can turn troubling news into a source of energy and empowerment
  • How to calibrate your practice and activism for the long haul, so that you keep getting stronger no matter what
If you long to be of service to our collective evolution — and to do so in a way that has you feeling energized and empowered — you’ll receive great value from this illuminating hour.

All the best,
Joseph Giove and the Common Passion Core Team

P.S. Common Passion is affiliated with this event and may receive a thank you commission for any purchases you make; however, this is a free event. During The Spiritual Opportunity of Our Political Moment, Terry will show you how to transform so-called “negative” emotions into a source of personal and political empowerment by accessing the hidden capacities of your heart, the perceptive powers of your mind, and the unstoppable strength of your spirit.

Register now for free here

Note: A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.
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