Subject: Follow Up, Save the Children, Hurricane Dissipation Concordance

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Good day,

Our continued good thoughts, prayers and support go to the victims of Hurricane Matthew.
Save The Children is a top-rated, trustworthy non-profit for sending our financial support to our sisters and brothers in Haiti. Please give now.

The timing of the hurricane dissipation concordance is based on my meditative intuition as well as my available bandwidth to create the broadcast. Often these hurricanes diminish or dissipate before reaching landfall and causing harm to life. I watched this hurricane approaching the Caribbean but simply did not have the available bandwidth to broadcast it.

This is why we need more feedback and activity from our members who share an affinity for the oneness of the human family and who share compassion as a common passion. Anyone who feels so moved is welcome to email me with similar proactive or preemptive collective consciousness initiatives, which meet our guidelines, and if our core team feels it’s appropriate, we will disseminate it.  Eventually with proper funding we will have a submission form on our site for events like this.

While most comments I received were positive and supportive, many were not (see below). I read every email and if I did not reply to you directly, please know I appreciate your involvement, feedback and comments.

Lest you think anyone in their right heart and mind would do their best to help avoid and support the easing of suffering of our brothers and sisters around the world, some people disagree that we should even do this.

My counter argument is this: if you were to see a child drowning in the river on your morning walk, would you let her drown because that is her “karma,” or that she must deserve it, or that it must be God’s judgment that she drowns? If this email message were a blog post, I would welcome your comments to these questions, but I don’t have time right now to have my inbox flooded, so the questions are more rhetorical. They also offer an explanation of our position at Common Passion, and justification for my action in regard to these comments: those who levy them are immediately removed from the Common Passion list.

After orchestrating hundreds of global meditation and prayer events over the last 18 years, I am left with very little sympathy and patience for people who offer these types of remarks. We seek coherence in our collective consciousness events, not dissonance, persuasion or coercion. If you disagree with me here, then simply unsubscribe using the link below. If you agree, please continue your heartfelt support and become more active in providing your own concordances to help fulfill our vision and mission

Below my signature are some of the comments (unedited) I received from sending out this request for a collective consciousness action regarding the hurricane. I am always moved by the depth and ferocity which we can come together as one human family.

Thank you, and now is the time for continued physical action by supporting our sisters and brothers in Haiti.

All the best,
Joseph Giove and the Common Passion Core Team


Thank you, doing and one. Amen.

Bless You! Yes!!!

Oh-mmmmmmmmmm stop emailing me...oh-mmmmmmmm

Thanks for sending this. I have been in this mode for a couple days now…I also have been feeling a strong connection between the gathering of the water protector's prayers on the great plains of North Dakota and hurricane Mathew's unprecedented nature. There are no coincidences. We ask and She listens, all the while doing what She, and what we can, to awaken the world.

I think they are engineering weather.  We need to dissipate the energies causing people to engineer weather.

Gods judgement is necessary

Thank You, for YOU!.and I join you in this embracement…and transmutation in reconciliation as One. It is so, and So It IS.

Of course do your own prayer/meditation style but please send to the area!

Thank you Joseph ... I had started yesterday to send energy... many blessings and protection to you.

Seems like it is helping☺

I think this would have been a good idea prior to Hurricane Matthew heading towards Florida. I have with others been working on dissipating and moving Matthew further east. As a result Of our efforts the higher winds Around the eye of Matthew avoided my country Dade, broward And most of palm beach county with only tropical storm winds. Also, Matthews has stayed Out of Florida and out on the coast about 100 miles. We have used the method of Grabovoi control using the cube cone cube on top of the hurricane As the command to dissipate and move east and avoid land as the command. The trajectory my Had been moving north west and stopped moving in this direction and went north only for A few hours which created the deviation which had it coming into Florida in Dade and broad county Line. Did not happen. As of this morning report there has been only 1 life loss, which is too many, but we don't know If it was caused by hurricane yet. Mostly people without electricity as they make assessment So far it has been less than expected. Thanks for caring and joining en mass to avoid a catastrophe.

Dziękuję ...niech dobry duch/duchy/istoty owinie pieczą ziemię i jej cudownych mieszkańców.... Pozdrawiam!


Thank you. Will definitely chant Om Kshipra Prasadaya Nama-ha …….OM.

See it as a whirlpool in a bathtub drain turning into bubble bath?  :-/

I am applying the power of my being to keep this hurricane together. WHO ARE YOU to think that this idea to dissipate matthew is better than the actions of the planet we are a part of? Hurricanes have a reason of their own...
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