Subject: Emergency Funding Request for Indigenous Summit of the Americas

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Good Day,

This is an urgent and vital opportunity for solidarity and healing with our indigenous brothers and sisters.

Please participate in a fast-action campaign to raise urgently needed funds for the Indigenous Summit this week during the Summit of the Americas - where all the major heads of state in this hemisphere assemble.

This had promised to be a watershed moment for Indigenous leaders to be accorded more respect while convening their own Summit and addressing the heads of state.

But the Panamanian government has essentially de-funded the Indigenous Summit at the last minute, giving them only $15K, as well as removing their recognized status. This has massive implications for Indigenous people worldwide.

Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an honorable man and respected teacher featured in the Shift of the Ages film and with whom we've worked on The Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit last year. Chief Phil is playing a leading role in this gathering.

We need to help address this wrong and create the opportunity for a larger healing by raising the shortfall for these leaders.

Even though in the last few days the funding goal amount has been reached, actually obtaining the pledges in time for the Summit requires that we keep the donations coming in. Any additional amounts over the goal that are actually received will be applied toward funding the Summit next year.

Please view our Indiegogo campaign page to learn more and make a donation immediately, and then please post the request on Facebook and forward this email to your colleagues and friends.

Thank you for taking a stand with us and contributing now.

Joseph Giove and the Common Passion Core Team

PO Box 2504, San Francisco, CA 94126, United States
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