Subject: Dreaming Awake, Enneagram, Equinox Adventure 2015

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1. Dreaming While Awake Free Online Event with Robert Moss Saturday May 30th 11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Easter, 6 PM GMT

In this special event, you’ll hear about the advanced skills for mastering dreaming while awake from one of today’s greatest teachers: Robert Moss, the bestselling author of 10 books on the deeper dimensions of how dreaming can enhance and transform the quality of our lives. Active Dreaming synthesizes ancient shamanic practices with modern dream science and spiritual disciplines from around the world. You’ll see how to take important steps towards developing your skills in visioning, healing and creating. You’ll discover that when you can see and feel the true shape of a block or a fear, you free yourself to move beyond it. You’ll begin to play with creative visualization in a way that will enliven your inner senses.

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2. The Enneagram Global Summit Free Online Event June 9th – 12th

Join today’s top teachers who are bringing together Enneagram wisdom and experience from around the globe. Learn how to apply the world’s most influential psychological and spiritual typing system to your life, as well as exciting new applications in realms from education to psychotherapy to business. Get ready to take your self-inquiry to the next level with a transformative system of spiritual psychology that can help make sense of the wondrous complexity of being YOU. You will learn how to utilize the Enneagram to dramatically improve your relationships, give your career a boost and identify your unique gifts to make your best contributions to our world. You will understand your true nature in new ways – no matter how much experience you already have with the Enneagram.

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3. Equinox Sacred Adventure to Machu Picchu Perú and Sacred Sites in Perú and Bolivia September 12th - 26th 2015

Native guides will lead a small group of adventurers on a magical journey through Incan and Aymaran lands in Perú and Bolivia, visiting ancient temples and cities like the crystal city Machu Picchu, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Tiwanaku and the bi-dimensional gate. Explore the amazing energies of the land and waters of the Mother Lake, Lake Titicaca, in Bolivia. Discover the remarkable arts, history and culture of the Inca and Aymara as you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Andes in South America. Be initiated by the rising sun on the Equinox, September 23rd, at the Temple Inti Waton high atop Machu Picchu. Be prepared to be amazed.

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