Subject: Vaccine clinics to open for phase 1A and older adults

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Updates on the Coronavirus vaccine

January 21st, 2021                    

Dear patients and friends,

We're writing today with quick update on the Covid vaccination. Following a week of confusing advice from a state and national level, Oregon has reorganized and better defined its phases. See information below for when you can expect to be eligible for a vaccine.

For those who are now eligible, we are also seeing progress on vaccination locations and signups (see sidebar, or below on a smartphone). To date, vaccines have mostly been available by invitation through hospitals and private events. This week, the Oregon Convention Center opened a Mass Vaccination Clinic. Kaiser Permanente initiated a soft roll out on Wednesday the 20th, and will soon be joined by Providence, Legacy, and Oregon Health & Science University in effort to get more vaccines distributed.

While we keep an eye out for additional events and information, we welcome your input. If you hear of a resource that we have not yet shared please reach out to us so we can spread the word.

I hope this update finds you well. Stay tuned for information as we learn more.


Dr. Biemer, Julia Jones and the whole office crew

COVID-19 Vaccine Information 


The vaccine is to be distributed as outlined by the OHA. *Please note that this phasing has already undergone significant change and is subject to continued adjustment.

Phase 1A - Eligible now*

  • Front-line healthcare workers

  • Tribal health programs

  • First responders

  • Individuals working in correctional settings

  • Public health workers

  • Death care workers

  • Residents of skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities, adult foster homes, and other similar group living situations

  • Paid or unpaid care providers to medically fragile children or adults

  • Adults or 16+ children with medical condition or disability, receiving care at home

  • Healthcare providers who provide direct service to people with I/DD and other high-risk populations

Phase 1B - Eligibility staggered*

  • Group 1: K-12 educators and childcare providers (eligible Jan 25th)

  • Group 2: Seniors 80 and older. (eligible Feb 8th)

  • Group 3: Seniors who are 75 and older would follow. (TBD)

  • Group 4: Seniors who are 70 and older would follow next. (TBD)

  • Group 5: Eligibility to all Oregonians 65 and older would follow in the weeks after. (TBD)

Use the vaccine eligibility tool on the Oregon Health Authority Website to determine whether you should sign up for a vaccine.

Once eligible, how can I get a Covid vaccine?

Washington County Vaccine Resource page

Washington county has made this Phase 1A vaccine Request form available.

Multnomah County Vaccine Resource page

Multnomah county has provided similar information and uses the same request form as Washington county.

Oregon Convention Center will host a vaccination clinic to be run jointly by Kaiser, OHSU, Providence, and Legacy. At this time Kaiser has begun providing vaccines at this location. Kaiser has made this Non-Kaiser patient vaccine request form available to those in phase 1A. OHSU, Providence, and Legacy will join this effort soon and the signup process will likely change.

Our Practice

It is not obvious yet when the vaccine will be available to our clinic for distribution. In addition to careful state level oversight of distribution, there are currently storage specifications that would prove challenging to small clinics. The Pfizer vaccine, for example, is stored at -70 degrees Celsius. For the time being, vaccinations will be distributed through vaccine clinics, hospitals, and local public health agencies.

Some useful links...

Here is a list of Covid testing sites compiled by Washington County. Although the list was compiled in Washington county, many of the listed resources are available to the greater Portland area. Here is the Oregon Health Authority Testing Map.

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