Subject: Opening slowly and office visits

Office Visits during COVID
Oregon has seen good results from social distancing and as a result some restrictions are slowly being rolled back. In keeping with state policies, we will also begin to open for additional in-person office visits. 

Please be patient with us as scheduling will remain limited for some time. This is to ensure proper social distancing and sanitation measures are maintained. Your health, as always, is our priority. 


With the goal of keeping both you and our office staff safe, while maintaining care of chronic illnesses and evaluation of new symptoms, we have put together the following list of guidelines for office visits:

  • We will continue seeing anyone who would like to see us virtually on our platform. We are able to see patients for regular follow up, new problems, and annual Medicare Wellness visits virtually. At this time, most insurers are not allowing virtual commercial physicals.
  • We will continue to request that certain patients are seen in the office as needed, for physical examination of certain conditions.
  • In May we will also allow face-to-face visits for new problems and regular chronic condition follow up (ie. hypertension, diabetes, etc.) based on patient preference. 
  • In June we anticipate opening for face to face “physicals” or Wellness exams. These are postponed slightly as they require about an hour of time in the office and we’d like to continue to reduce exposure for now.
Before scheduling an in person visit, you will be asked the following questions:
  1. Have you had a cough, fever, unusual headache, or loss of taste/smell over the past 2 weeks?
  2. Have you been in contact with anyone who has these symptoms or is known to have tested positive for Covid?
  3. Have you traveled outside Oregon in the past month?

We will also ask that you call us if you develop any new symptoms between scheduling and arriving for your visit. 
Patients who have a cough or fever will need to speak with Dr. Biemer or Julia Jones before scheduling.

James Biemer, 9135 SW Barnes Rd, Suite 863, Portland, OR 97225, United States
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