Subject: Newsletter from Dr. Biemer - Correction

James J. Biemer, MD            
                                       March 2015 Newsletter
Frustrated with weight loss attempts?

* Please accept our apologies for sending this letter Friday with an incorrect email for Kazumi. The link is updated. We appreciate the great response to our weight loss program inquiry. At this time we are just gauging interest in the weight loss program, and will be able to provide more information and cost in late April. In the mean time please visit the Ideal Protein Home Page to learn more, or read the summary below Dr. Biemer's message.       

  We have seen over the years a real need for a formal approach to weight loss, and are planning to launch an in office weight loss program. For patients who have been unsuccessful in the past or need significant weight loss because of the presence of associated medical conditions (abnormal sugar metabolism and diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, arthritis in large joints etc) a meal replacement program along with education and close supervision is often effective. We have been in discussion with Ideal Protein, a scientifically structured high protein diet plan, to help our patients see significant and fairly quick results. After looking into many of the programs on the market, we chose Ideal Protein for its consistent results, and easy to follow four phase plan. Read more below. We will be looking for a somewhat limited number of patients to take into our first weight loss group, set to begin in May. Please contact Kazumi (* for more information and if you would like to consider joining us for our weight loss groups. 

Athena (our new electronic patient record) and the patient portal have been well-received and very successful so far since our transition in December 2014. Thank you all for your patience with the small hiccups we have experienced. As we learn more about the system we will share tips with you! Check below to learn how to change your notification settings on the portal (emails and phone call alerts).

Stay well,
Dr. Biemer  
Ideal Protein Weight loss system - 4 phase program

The first phase of the plan is the weight loss phase. Participants follow a careful diet focused on increased protein and very limited carbohydrates. Once the goal weight is achieved participants enter phase two. This is a two week phase where participants transition back into self-prepared meals with an emphasis on following the ideal protein protocol. In phase three healthy carbohydrates and fats are gradually reintroduced over the course of two weeks. Finally, in phase four, you return to an independent diet with a new set of guiding principles. 

Throughout the process you will receive weekly progress checks that include weigh-ins and one-on-one support from trained coaches.

Athena Portal Tip                                            
We are live on Athena! Please log on and set up your patient communication portal account. This will be your new direct link to Dr. Biemer as well as to your health history and information.* We have received some feedback on the notifications sent out by Athena. 

  Instructions for Notification settings  

  - Visit "My Profile" tab on the left
  - Click the sub menu "My Notifications"
  - Check or uncheck the boxes to set your preferred notification settings

*Some of your health history from pre-Athena visits will not be available in this portal. However all visits and labs from this point forward will be logged here!      

New Patients Enrollment

We are currently accepting a limited number of patients. Unfortunately we are not currently able to take any new medicare patients.   
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