Subject: Fall News from Dr. Biemer

James J. Biemer, MD            
                                September 2016 Newsletter
Fall updates from Dr. Biemer

Leaves are changing and sweater weather is almost here. With the turn of the season we also welcome continued growth and some additional improvements to our clinic. We are accepting new patients and are happy to see your friends and family. As we expand, our commitment to individual and personalized primary care remains absolutely unchanged.

On that note, we are also approaching our 10th anniversary in this space. In the near future I will begin working with an architect to renovate and build out additional space for the NEXT 10 years. We will continue and expand our weight loss program, increase the size of our greeting room (hate that term waiting room), and I am currently exploring adding a younger physician and/or a nurse practitioner with geriatric excellence to assist with my growing over 65 population of patients. Let me know your thoughts!

Find additional updates below on Virtual Visits, the Ideal Protein weight loss system, and the inevitable upcoming flu season. Happy Fall to all. 

Stay well,
Dr. Biemer  

Virtual visits                                            

 Technology update! We are offering a new care option of virtual visits. These are online video conferences between you and Dr. Biemer. These will not replace quick phone check-ins or portal questions. They are also not a replacement for physical exams. However, there are a number of short office appointments that can easily take place remotely. See below for a list of potential uses for the virtual visit! 

 Great times for a virtual visit... 

- Check ins for chronic issues that do not require new physical exam

- Mental health follow ups

- Coughs and colds that do not require a physical exam

- Travel questions

- Rashes or skin issues that can be shown clearly on camera

We have selected Chiron as a partner for offering these visits because we have found the technology to be straightforward and convenient without requiring a lot of specific "tech savvy." If you are interested in trying one of these visits but not certain of when to use them, or how the technology works, feel free to reach out to our office staff. 

Ideal Protein Weight loss system

With our Ideal Protein weight loss system, we've seen successes that meet and in many cases exceed our expectations. Over the past 18 months, we have helped around 130 dieters lose a combined total of 3,490 pounds. 

We are currently accepting new dieters and welcome individuals from outside of our clinic as well as current patients. Ideal Protein (IP) can help you drop a few extra vacation pounds, get in control and stay in control of your weight for this holiday season, or help you reach your long term weight loss goals. Our IP diet is run by medical assistant Kazumi Schoen and is medically supervised by Dr. Biemer. With the support of our team, your weight loss goals can be realized. 

Our next workshop for new dieters is September 8th at 6:00 pm in room 23 of the Stanley Family Conference Center in the lobby of St. Vincent Hospital East pavilion.

If you would like to join us for this event please RSVP with or call us in the office 503-384-0316.

New Patient Enrollment

We are currently accepting new patients. Visit our website below to learn more, or give us a call in the office to set up a meeting with Dr. Biemer 503-384-0316.

Flu season Alert!

Flu season is just around the corner. Vaccines are already available at most pharmacies and we will be getting in our first 100 flu shots in the next few weeks. Kristine can administer them in the office if you call to schedule. We do not currently offer the high dose vaccine that is an option for those 65 and over. However, these should be available at most regular pharmacies. 
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