Subject: Dr. Biemer Weight Loss Clinic Fall Newsletter

Dr. Biemer
Weight Loss Clinic
Fall Newsletter
This Fall has been a busy time in the Weight Loss Clinic. We've been working hard on our Phase 4 Maintenance program, launched a new updated webpage, and welcomed a new Coach. 

Many of you have met Molly over the last year as a fellow Dieter. She lost 150 pounds following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol in just over a year. We are excited that she has joined our team and will be able to share her experience being a successful Dieter with you.
Meet Coach Molly
It was my 39th birthday and I weighed 338 pounds. My doctor was adamant that I begin medication for Diabetes. I knew that a change was needed and quickly. IP was my lifesaver! Staying on plan was easy with the help of my IP Coach, Kazumi, and the daily videos inspired me to not cheat. In addition to better health and losing weight I've started cooking with more vegetables and everyone in my family has benefited from our healthier lifestyle.

My 40th Birthday was a huge celebration. Followed by a summer of horseback riding, hiking, swimming and shopping for a new wardrobe. I'm excited to be a part of the IP Team in Dr. Biemer's Weightloss Clinic. I look forward to working with you on your journey for healthy living.

Educational Seminar
Do you have a friend who would benefit from IP? Would having a buddy help you stick to Protocol? 

Attend our next Educational Seminar and invite a friend.

Tuesday, November 7
5:00 - 6:00 pm
St. Vincent Hospital
9135 SW Barnes Rd., 
Portland, Or 97225

Eastside Pavilion Conference Room 22

Please RSVP to the Office
Phase 4 Refresh
Everyone is going to have some natural fluctuations in weight. After a vacation, work travel or major family event you might find that you’ve put back on a few pounds. 

DON’T WAIT call the office and schedule a tune up. 

IP has been working hard to support Phase 4 Dieters. 
At any time while in Phase 4 you can do a tune up and we are here to support you through our Maintenance dieter program.

503-384-0316 or e-mail to to schedule your appointment!

Celebrating the Holidays
It seems that the Holiday's begin with pumpkin spice in September and don't end until Valentine's Day. This can make it hard when you're trying to stay motivated and focused on a healthy lifestyle. The best way to stay on track is to set goals plan and create new Holiday traditions that aren't focused on food.

Planning for Success:
  • Make specific holiday plans that revolve around activities instead of meals. 
  • If you’re hosting a party or meal, get “to-go” cartons and plan to give all treats and leftovers away to the guests as they leave. 
  • Change your traditional holiday meals and party snacks to be more IP friendly. Eat your IP foods before heading out to a party or gathering. 
  • If possible, be transparent with family and friends about what you’re doing so they understand why your plate isn’t overflowing with potatoes and gravy, pie and bread. 
  • Try to have at least one family member on protocol with you during the holidays, and make planning and eating right a team effort. 
  • No alcohol while on protocol. It’s incredibly dangerous. Plan ahead - what drink will you have while others are drinking alcohol? 
  •  Try a new IP Product like a warm soup or the Cinnamon Apple Soy Puffs for the Fall. Explore the Spice Isle at the grocery store. 
  • Look for flavors you enjoy. Add a dash of pumpkin spice in your morning coffee or add ginger to your Mango smoothy. 
The big message: This is ONE holiday season that will not look like the rest and that’s OK. The benefits far outweigh any dessert, potato dish or bread that you’re not having. 
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