Subject: Dr. Biemer Weight Loss Clinic December Newsletter

Dr. Biemer
Weight Loss Clinic
December 2017 Newsletter

Bites, Licks and Tastes

We often tell ourselves we are not cheating because we didn’t consume a whole piece of cheese, we took just one piece of chocolate or we had only one sip of wine. However, all of these BLT’s add up. Often the food and beverages we are tasting are not part of the Ideal Protein Protocol so it is considered cheating. For some people the consumption could be enough to kick them out of Ketosis. Then all the hard work you've already put in gets lost for just a few bites, licks or tastes.

The Holiday’s are a particularly difficult time for BLT’s. So here are a few tactics to help you get through the Holidays:

1. Appoint an official taste tester of any food you are cooking.

2. Cut up extra free vegetables to snack on while you are cooking and throughout the parties and gatherings you are attending.

3. Bring a bottle of sparkling water with you to any party you attend. Serve it in a wine glass and toast to all that you are accomplishing with your weightloss.
Educational Seminar
Do you have a friend who would benefit from IP? Would having a buddy help you stick to Protocol? 

Attend our next Educational Seminar and invite a friend.

Tuesday, January 23
5:00 - 6:00 pm
St. Vincent Hospital
9135 SW Barnes Rd.
Suite 863 
Portland, Or 97225

Eastside Pavilion 

Our Offices, Suite 863

Please RSVP to the Office

In an attempt to make the most of your coaching time we are working to streamline your shopping experience. We can do this by having you shop before you arrive. 

Pre-Order your food:
  2. Log-in email & password
  3. Click on Pre-Order Cart
  4. Select your purchases
When you arrive at your appointment your coach will have shopped for you and you can pay quickly and easily.

Your welcome to add additional items at your appointment.

If you have any questions please ask us to help you at your next appointment.

Larry Taylor
50 lb weight loss

“When going to lunch with my friends they order sandwiches and french fries. I order salads and grilled chicken or fish.”

Larry made the decision to get healthy. He lost 50 pounds using the Ideal Protein protocol. He is a year into maintenance and he wanted to share a few words of wisdom with others who are in Maintenance or nearing maintenance. We thought these were good words of advice for everyone.
  1. Measure food items. When you stop measuring you start eating more. 
  2. Read Packages. Look for hidden sugar and calories.
  3. Log Everything.
  4. Make good food choices most of the time. 
  5. If you see weight gain immediately address it by more prudent choices, exercise and calorie reduction for a period of time. (Note: If that doesn't work call your Coach.)
Larry knows that his body is prone to weight gain and so this is going to be a lifetime program. Thinking any other way leads to eventual weight gain.

Congratulations Larry for finding a way to maintain your weight and thank you for sharing your words of advice with others. 

Have you stepped on the scale recently? 
Are clothes feeling a bit more snug? 

Call your Coach it is time for a tune up.

Everyone is going to have some natural fluctuations in weight. After a vacation, work travel or major family event you might find that you’ve put back on a few pounds. DON’T WAIT call the office and schedule a tune up.

IP has been working hard to support Phase 4 Dieters. We have two options:

PHASE 4 VETERAN: someone who has been in phase 4 for at least 6 months, you can schedule a tune up at any time. Come in for a consultation we will get an official weight and updated measurements. Then we will discuss your goals and create a plan targeted to meet your individual weight loss needs.

PHASE 4 NEWBIE: someone who has been in phase 4 less than 6 months. For you, IP has created a special one year program that involves 17 personal one-on-one visits with an IP Coach. This is a new model to help dieters transition into personal accountability. At any time while in Phase 4 you need to do a tune up you will be supported through the Maintenance dieter program.


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