Subject: 2019 changes and Insurance Follow up

Looking forward to the next few years...
      November 2018
Leaves are changing!

The year is winding down and we are looking forward to 2019 and beyond. We're planning a move into a new office space (one floor up from where we are now), and a number of other changes to keep improving your experience with us.

Please read on for more updates. Stay warm out there!

Jim and Julia, and all the staff
Rate change for 2019 

Keep an eye out for an important mailing from our clinic or click here to read it now.

In order to keep up with the rising costs of providing health care, we have decided it is time to raise our own rates. Your concierge fee goes directly to providing us with the time and staffing we need to match the level of service and care that you deserve.

Rate changes will take effect at the renewal of your annual fee. 
Insurance Follow up

Thank you to so many of you for your diligent follow up with insurance selection. We hope that by staying ahead of the changes for this year, we will be able to keep you on as our patients! We now have a fairly comprehensive list of plans that we are able to work with, and are always happy to look into others if we aren't certain.

After more research, we have decided that a direct care option does not fit our current model and would end up costing our patients more than intended. That said, we still have options to help control costs for self-pay patients. If you think this may apply to you please let us know.

*Correction from previous email* Providence has clarified that none of its Medicare Plans are Medical Home plans. Very few plans do have limited networks that do not include Dr. Biemer, but most are unchanged.
Updates we are making for you!

1) With the new office, we are considering a small “pharmacy” in order to purchase antibiotics and other short-term use meds that we will pass along at cost.

2) We would like to block some time each day for phone consultations that may replace unneeded face-to-face visits. We would like to move away from the "fee for service mentality" when we can address a problem without a visit. Of course we will ALWAYS schedule a face to face visit when that is necessary or if it is your preference!

3) We have recently added the option of Quest Medical Labs for blood tests. This is a great alternative for many patients as it is frequently less expensive than others we use. We will continue to seek the most economical and highest quality options for our patients in labs, imaging, pharmacy and other outsourced services.

4) Along the same lines, it is our goal to gather, utilize, and share cost information with our patients in all facets of care. Prices, in many cases, are widely variable and NOT transparent to patients, particularly within hospitals. This is often due to a variety of contracts between different insurers and providers. If you have information about the cost of a procedure or treatment we would like to hear it, and can use this information to pass along to other patients.

5) We are building our network and community of alternative care providers which can frequently augment and complement your healthcare; especially with chronic pain conditions, mental health care, insomnia, dietary intolerance etc. I would like to hear from you, as far as the skills and costs of alternative care providers in the area. It is our goal to consolidate and share this valuable information with you!

6) And not least of all, we will continue to work closely with you to mitigate those costly (in $ as well as years of highly functioning life) behaviors that cause so much chronic illness; dietary indiscretion, weight gain, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and overuse of alcohol and other substances. This is really the ultimate goal. We want to help you enjoy many additional years of a healthy, active life!

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