Subject: Important Action Item Alert: HR392 | S281

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Dear Friend,

As the effort is underway in Washington DC to pass H.R.392/S.281, we have always known that the real action is always in the districts and States across the Union.

In a democratic system, the people must speak-up if they seek a change. That is how we were able to get 327+ Cosponsors for our bill in the House. You have made it happen. And now that we have come this far, we again need your help to take this to the finish line.

In the month of August, the House is in recess. The Senate will be in recess for a substantial part of the month of August. This creates a massive opportunity for you to speak up again to help take The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017 over the finish line.

We need you to join the happy warriors of advocates and give this bill the voice to make sure every House Member and every Senator and their Office hears from you about the urgency to pass H.R.392/S.281 this year.

We have released a recording of our latest call, along with an advocacy guide to assist you with the advocacy meetings in the districts. This advocacy guide provides the outline of what specifically needs to be done to get H.R.392/S.281 over the finish line.

Please read through the Advocacy guide and the documents provided in the guide. We now need our best asset, our advocates across the country, to speak up and make your voices heard. We are extremely confident that with your help, we will be successful and Congress will pass bill H.R.392/S.281 later this year.

Thank you,

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