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Dear Friend,

If you missed our public call held on July 5th, 2021, you might want to listen to the recording (click here) to learn more about the Eagle Act, recapture, special doctors bill, special children’s bill, how your employer isn’t helping at best (& might be actively sabotaging the bill), visa wastage and more.

Please also forward this email to your friends to raise awareness of the situation.

The action items from the call are:
  • Ask your employer about concrete steps they have taken to get the bill done? Ask them why tech companies are opposing the bill - don’t settle for fluff about blog posts or tweets.
  • Go to, click on take action and make a phone call to your member of Congress. There is a script that you can use to be more effective.
  • Make a phone call to your member of Congress and request a meeting with your member of Congress.
  • Stop following unscrupulous lawyers and fantasizing about unrealistic proposals.
  • Call Representative Zoe Lofgren (202.225.3072) & House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (202.225.4965), ask them why they are discriminating against Indian Immigrants? All other immigration-related bills that passed the House last Congress have already again passed the House in March/April in this Congress. However, the Eagle Act, which passed the Senate Unanimously, has not even been brought up for a vote in the House. Why is that?
In a participatory democracy, it’s upon you to speak up and express your grievances if you want the system to improve and fix your issues.

Thanks again for speaking up to help yourself and your family.

Thank you,

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