Subject: House Immigration bill creates additional backlogs of 10 Million

House Immigration bill creates a new backlog of 10 Million
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Dear Friends,

We are at a critical juncture of Immigration Reform in the U.S Congress. As you may be aware, last month the Senate passed the immigration bill with overwhelming bi-partisan majority. Now, the House is expected to bring its own bill H.R. 2131 for vote on the House floor. This bill passed the House Judiciary Committee on the 27th June.

This bill, SKILLS Jobs Act H.R. 2131, proposes increasing temporary visas without proportionately increasing EB green cards. Some estimates suggest that this bill will increase the current backlogs by 10 times. This means we will be stuck in backlogs for long times to come.

This is a time sensitive action item and is to be treated VERY SERIOUSLY. Our concern is that with no meaningful green card increase in the House bill, the Conference report could end up with almost no green cards for skilled immigrants but significant increase in temporary visas.

Please click here to send a message to your Member of Congress that no green card increase will hurt U.S. economy. Ask Congress to set the priorities straight, not to focus on temporary visas, rather focus on green cards for tax paying law abiding highly skilled immigrants.

Aman Kapoor
Immigration Voice