Subject: GREAT NEWS: House about to pass bill H.R.1044

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House about to pass bill H.R.1044
Dear Friend,

After eight (8) years, once again, the United States House of Representatives is getting ready to vote on The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act. As you spend the last few hours before the vote calling your Member of Congress and asking them to vote for H.R.1044, be aware that as the clock ticks closer and closer to the appointed hour, your call matters less and less. The staff has already written memorandums to their boss with recommendations on how to vote. The truth is, this is like an exam. We have spent the last eight (8) years, writing a very long exam and tomorrow we will be graded. Just like any difficult exam, preparation is the most important thing and you better believe we have been preparing for this.

We are confident we will pass this part of the exam. It is time to think ahead.

The nurse staffing companies have also spent the last eight (8) years preparing for this and have become formidable opponents. For many of us, H.R.1044 is a matter of survival, it is our only hope for being treated fairly. It is our only hope to be recognized for the skills we bring to the table and not be judged by the country we happen to be born in. H.R.1044 is the only hope for our children who will soon age out and self-deport. H.R.1044 is the only redemption for too many parents whose children have aged out and self-deported.

For the nurse staffing industry, this is also a matter of life-and-death. H.R.1044 threatens their very existence. Once the supply of cheap foreign labor working under “debt bondage” dries up, it is game over for these abusive nurse staffing firms. Even though the desperation of the nurse staffing companies to stop H.R.1044 matches our determination to get the bill done and staffing firms have a lobbying budget we conservatively estimate is at least 100 times ours, we believe we can beat them and get the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act done.

However, we need your help. We are at a considerable financial disadvantage to these nurse staffing firms. Please help us ameliorate this disadvantage by contributing generously to this fundraiser and asking your friends to do the same. Please also consider starting a recurring contribution at at a level you are comfortable with to help us scale up with the help we need in a sustainable manner.

We would not have gotten this far without your active participation and financial support. Please don’t stop now. Please help us get this done!

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