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Dear Friend,

As you might be aware, the Administration has been working on a rule to Parole in International Entrepreneurs into the United States. In our view, this rule is yet another scheme to bring in more temporary and exploitable non-immigrants, to benefit the same vested interests that benefit from keeping us in the backlog.

We have prepared detailed comments to oppose the regulation. We ask that you also submit comments to support our comments and carefully follow the below instructions to make sure that your comments are not flagged as duplicates:

  • The deadline for submitting comments is midnight (Eastern Time) TODAY (October 17th 2016).
  • In order to prevent your comment from being flagged as duplicates, you will be submitting your comment in two parts, for the first part, we hope you will copy/paste our suggestion (♦♦) verbatim and you will need to paraphrase the second part in order to make your submission unique:
  • ♦♦I am writing to register my support for Immigration Voice’s comment submitted today and register my opposition to this rule because:
  • To prevent duplicates, please add the below to the comment by paraphrasing (writing in your own words) two or three randomly selected reasons below:
  1. The rule creates another class of non-immigrants with less rights in the United States that will disadvantage US Entrepreneurs.
  2. It creates a class of "Entrepreneurs" who will be indentured servants to large Venture Capital firms.
  3. It generally does not allow "Entrepreneurs" to benefit from this rule without initially and continually diluting their Equity with Venture Capital firms.
  4. After the "AC-21 rule", it is disappointing to see the first Black President of the United states continue to make policy that promotes indentured servitude and disadvantages American Workers.
  5. The rule disadvantages bona-fide non-American Entrepreneurs by subsuming their interest to that of Venture Capital Firms.
  6. The rule disadvantages bona-fide American Entrepreneurs by giving Venture Capital firms more incentive to fund foreign entrepreneurs over whom they will have more leverage.
  7. There is no path to permanent residence for the Entrepreneurs specified in this rule.
  8. If the Administration were to create a path to permanent residence for the Entrepreneurs specified in this rule, it would likely be at the cost of people already waiting for their Green Cards.
  9. To justify bringing into the country people with less labor rights than everybody else, the Administration is disgustingly using the same "Public Benefit" argument as advocates of slavery made, while slavery was the law of the land in our country.
  10. The regulation does not require that the "Entrepreneur's" be paid prevailing wage for their job function.
  11. The regulation only requires that "Entrepreneurs" be paid a multiple of the "Federal Poverty Level" - which is ridiculous.

Please note that the deadline for submission is midnight - Eastern Time (17th October 2016). Please speak up now!

Aman Kapoor
Immigration Voice
Immigration Voice, 1177 BRANHAM LN #321, SAN JOSE, CA 95118, United States
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