Subject: Conference Call & Call to Action

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Switching Gears
Dear Friend,

As some of you might have heard in the recent national call, in addition to getting co-sponsorships in the House of Representatives, we are adding action items to get SPECIFIC Republican members in the Senate (specified in this new guide), to co-sponsor S.281 (the companion bill in the Senate).

We have also released an audio recording of the last call in which we explained some of our reasoning while going over ancillary issues like the H4-EAD lawsuit. The full recording of that call is available here.

Members might find the following segment of our last call particularly interesting where, Immigration Voice’s President, Aman Kapoor, recounts one of the many stories we have heard on Capitol Hill, where some people knowingly or unknowingly working with Lawyer and Company front groups, have damaged our bill. This particular anecdote describes severe damage done by one these groups to an influential and sensitive Republican House Judiciary committee office - which most likely cost us our only opportunity at achieving a "majority of the majority" of HR.392 co-sponsors in the critical House Judiciary Committee: (11:11 in the audio)

We would like to urge our members once again, to NOT work with lawyer and company astroturf groups that are damaging our bill.

We hope, at the very least, you will please read the advocacy guide, join us on telegram and start working with the SPECIFIC Republican Senators (specified in the guide) to get co-sponsorship for S.281 - The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017.

Immigration Voice, 1177 BRANHAM LN #321, SAN JOSE, CA 95118, United States
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