Subject: Call your Member of Congress asking for signing a letter to recapture unused green cards

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Dear Friend,

We are reaching out to seek your help with getting Congressional support for recapturing of unused green cards from the previous years.

Representative Scott Peters (CA-52) and Representative Joaquin Castro (TX-20) are requesting congressional signatures on a 'Dear Colleague' letter calling on the President to pursue green card recapture from years past.

We believe that with sufficient support from the Congress, there might be a way to recapture unused green cards through an Administrative action.

Here is what we ask from you:
  • We ask that you please call the DC office of your Member of Congress. Please go to to find your Member of Congress and their phone number.
  • Ask the person at the reception: "My name is ______ and I am calling from the district. I am a member of Immigration Voice and I would like to speak with the Legislative Director (LD) or Legislative Assistant who handles Immigration." Most offices know Immigration Voice. So when you say you are member of an organization and that you are calling from the district, it adds more weight to your call.
  • If they are unavailable, then leave the following message: "Hi, my name is _____ and I am a resident of _______ in the district. I am a member of Immigration Voice and I am calling to discuss a 'Dear Colleague' letter being led by Rep. Peters and Rep. Castro. This letter is requesting the President to pursue recapturing of unused green cards from previous years. It is estimated that such a measure will help over 200,000 tax paying law abiding skilled immigrants, who after receiving their green cards will be able to start their companies throughout the country, and in the district. This letter and idea already has support of many Congressional offices. And I would like my member of Congress to support this initiative."
  • Ask how you can be helpful in assisting the Office to make their decision, and let them know that you will call back later to find out if your Representative was able to look at your request. Thank the staffer for his service.
This action item is VERY important given that it could help us get 200,000 green cards if Members of Congress request the President.
Thanks for doing your share!

Thank you,
Aman Kapoor
Immigration Voice

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