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Immigration Voice Advocacy Event
September 5th - 7th, 2016
Dear Friend,

We have spent the last several months maneuvering and advocating in the background to get ourselves into a position today to have 70 co-sponsors for Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act (H.R.213). From here we believe that there is a good chance that the per-country bill could get through. It is possible that some of the folks may probably think that it is impossible to do a bill in an election year - but we would like to remind you that in history, election years are when high-skilled immigration bills happen. The AC-21 Act was passed in October of 2000 and the ACWIA Act was passed in October 1998 - both election years.

Unless there is change to the deeply flawed system, we all know that the size of the backlog is so large that most of the applicants in green card backlog will die in these backlogs. That is why, we all inherit this responsibility to speak up and lend our stories to change the system. We ask you to stand-up and join us in Washington D.C. and be part of meaningful and consequential voice to make the change.

Join your fellow high skilled immigrants from across the country in making your voice heard where it really matters -- in the halls of Congress. This three (3) day event kicks off with Monday (September 5th) devoted to sharing important background information on the current political environment and mandatory training on how best to conduct an effective advocacy meeting and present our case in Congressional meetings scheduled for Tuesday (September 6th) and Wednesday (September 7th). Without this training, it will be unreasonable to expect you to be an effective agent of change when advocating for fixes to the issues affecting you and your family. This is a unique opportunity and experience to participate in the democratic process. We request you to finalize your travel plans and register for the Advocacy event at the earliest so we could share the logistics and other pertinent information with you.

To learn more about the background and overall strategy, please listen to the recording of our call from July.

The choice is - either we fight to fix the system or die in backlogs! Which one is it going to be?

Aman Kapoor

PS: The dates of this event have been meticulously planned to be after the Labor Day weekend for maximum impact. Tuesday September 6th is the first day after the recess when Representatives are back in the office after August recess. Encourage your friends to participate in this event.
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