Subject: An Update on HR392

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Dear Friend,

We thought we would share with you a video of what it was like for our members as our leader and Champion Congressman Kevin Yoder introduced #HR392 as an amendment to the DHS Appropriations bill.

As we shared with you earlier, we have been fortunate to benefit from the services and advice of perhaps the best consultants and lobbyists in Washington DC. Excellent advice, along with the ability to pay for unanticipated contingencies - at extremely short notice has been key to getting our bill, #HR392 to where we are today.

We are very grateful for the support of our generous donors, which has enabled us to reach a point where #HR392 is now part of an Appropriations bill.

However, we are short of our fundraising goals for the last few months and it would be very unfortunate if our effectiveness were hampered by a lack of resources.

In order to make sure we have the resources we need to continue the effort behind bill #HR392, we request our members to please start a reoccurring contribution at a level they are comfortable with at

We sincerely request our members contribute via reoccurring contributions over one-time contributions because reoccurring contributions allow us to plan our expenses and in an emergency, borrow against expected future contributions - if the need arises. Contributions start at as little as $1/day or $30/month, for financially stressed members.

Thank you,

PS: The video is also available on our YouTube channel
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