Subject: Advocacy Event - June 10th - 12th, 2018

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Dear Friend,

Our bill H.R.392, despite the current congressional climate, has made considerable progress towards the finish line in the Congress, and now a final push can help it pass the House. You may already know that the “Queen of the Hill” procedure is underway in the House. Per country fix is already part of the Goodlatte bill, and we expect to be in any DACA bill that passes the House.

But all of us need to now do our share to help the bill cross the finish line. That is why Immigration Voice is organizing the most consequential Advocacy Event to date, and we are inviting you to this Advocacy Event in Washington, D.C. scheduled for June 10th, 11th and 12th 2018 (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday).

If you have attended any of our Advocacy Events, then you already know how these events have been critical in getting 322 co-sponsors & making H.R.392 one of the most popular bills in Congress. You know that our advocacy event is an extraordinary opportunity to meet with members of Congress & Senators, share your stories & push for a bipartisan solution for Employment Based Green Card backlogs.

If you are currently affected by the backlog, then this event is an opportunity for you to take your fate in your hands and do something about it. It is the words of women and children, disproportionately affected by these backlogs, that ring the hardest in the corridors of Congress. So if you are a woman, or you have women and children in your family, then it is time to step up and make your voices heard.

In the coming year, DHS will be making additional changes to eliminate and eject more skilled immigrants. H4-EAD and H-1B extensions are already on the chopping block. This is a phase of continued uncertainty for you and your family. But what is certain is that our collective fate will be sealed if you choose not to stand up and speak-up for your families and your children.

H.R.392 has overwhelming bipartisan support with 322 Cosponsors in the House. That is precisely why this bill is the only positive change that is possible in the near term. Attendees to our event will find out for themselves, that our bill has never been in a better shape and our bill remains the only legislative relief possible for our members. However, always remember, even when you are not standing up for yourself, there are people working overtime to sabotage our bill. That is also why it is crucial for us that we stand up, speak out and actively not allow the saboteurs to dismantle our hard work.

Advocacy Event spans three (3) days with an all-day mandatory training session kicking off on Sunday, June 10, 2018, at 9 AM sharp. You will need to be there by Sunday 9 AM and stay in DC until at least Tuesday afternoon, June 12, 2018. So please plan your travel accordingly.

Please register to attend the event at

After registering, visit to install and activate the Telegram app on your smartphone and join IV's National & State Advocacy Chapters.

We look forward to accompanying you to the Congressional meetings for the final push to pass bill H.R.392.

Thanks in advance for all your help with bill H.R.392!

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