Subject: Action Alert: We need your help to improve I-140 Regulation

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Dear Friend,

As a lot of members are anticipating guidance on next steps, we wanted to quickly share a few updates and ask for your help for the effort towards making this regulation work in the best interest of America, Americans and the high skilled immigrant community. We would also like to thank everyone who stepped up to contribute. If you haven't yet, please do set up a recurring donation at

We are in the process of finalizing a comprehensive technical document that will serve as our next round of comments for the proposed regulation, and we need your help to strengthen our arguments for fixing this rule. And in any political debate, the side that tells the best story wins. We have to tell our true story and show how keeping immigrants on H1-B visas for decades is unjust, immoral and WRONG.
  • Visit to share your "H1-B Horror stories" and tell us how being on an extended period of H1-B visa has created an environment of exploitation
Let's be honest in stating that putting us on H1-B visas for long periods of time is driving down wages and it is hurting immigrants and American workers. Putting us in backlogs and extended period of H1-B visa is only serving fat cats i.e. companies and immigration lawyers. We want to utilize these stories to help clarify and amplify why this rule needs to be resuscitated.

As we have always maintained, the real fix to resolve the green card backlog issue is to make a minor fix to the law by removing the per country caps. IV members continue to contact their local representatives to make their voices heard and get their support for HR 213. Last week, our volunteers helped add two more co-sponsors to the bill Rep. Katherine Clark [D-MA-5] & Rep. Danny Davis [D-IL-7], thus taking the tally to 67. We sincerely thank Rep. Clark and Rep. Davis for co-sponsoring a sensible bill. And we ask you to please click here to learn more about what you can do to help yourself by asking your Representative to cosponsor H.R. 213.

Again, there is only one way to fix this problem - by actively engaging to create awareness about our issues. Rest assured, no system can fix by itself unless people undergoing certain unfair treatment decide to speak up and do their fair share. Also, rest assured that special interest (of immigration lawyers and companies) will do everything to deny you the right to change jobs and for you and your families to live free. The special interest in Washington establishment ensures that immigrants have fewer rights so there is an incentive to hire immigrants like us over American workers. As a result, we are unable to change jobs and are exploited by our employers and immigration lawyers, and, American workers are discriminated against in the marketplace. This is an undisputed fact. And it is upon us to join hands and speak up in one voice to create awareness against this injustice to demand fairness for all.

IV Core Team
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