Subject: 290+ Co-Sponsors, What's Next?

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Patience - The Greatest Virtue
Dear Friend,

As we hope you are aware, H.R.392 - The Fairness For High Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017 now has more than 290 co-sponsors. We are getting a lot of questions about what is going to happen next and different suggestions on how to proceed.

We think at this time, our members need to exhibit the greatest virtue - Patience, and we are very optimistic your Patience will be rewarded.

Immigration Voice has been working on the bill for 12 years now - and the majority of our active members have been working on the bill for at-least 4 years - so when we ask folks to be patient, no one understands how hard patience can be - better than us.

With over 290 co-sponsors, our grassroots have helped us reach a very good place and it’s time for things to move in the background. The background activity is happening with the help of highly specialized advice from Leon Fresco and the lobbying muscle from Holland & Knight which our members' contributions are paying for - and which we are very grateful for.

There are only four things you can do to help the bill now:
  1. If your House Representative hasn’t co-sponsored, get them to co-sponsor. This will strengthen our already strong hand in behind the scenes negotiations.
  2. If your House Representative has already co-sponsored, and they have any IN PERSON events happening - thank them for co-sponsoring and ask them to raise the bill with their leadership. You can find events your Representative is participating in at
  3. If you haven’t started a reoccurring contribution and can spare as little as $30/month, please do so at
  4. If you haven't already, please join us on telegram and be ready to step up when asked to join in a local action item.
It is also important to know what NOT to do to interfere with the work happening behind the scenes:
  1. Stay away from the Senate - do NOT talk to your Senators.
  2. Do NOT get impatient and come up with any action items other than the above.
Lastly, if you haven’t already, please listen to our conference calls especially the last one which gives you some idea on what to wait for.

Thank you,
Immigration Voice

Immigration Voice, 1177 BRANHAM LN #321, SAN JOSE, CA 95118, United States
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