Subject: Interested in either starting a business or exploring a career in tech? *Links work in this email*

January 12, 2018
IT Employment and Entrepreneurship Participation Survey 
Dear Clients, 

Apologies for my previous email. The links in this email work.
ISSofBC is conducting two short, voluntary surveys to determine refugee client interest in two potential new employment programs with the following focuses:
 1) Starting your own business
 2) Exploring different possible careers in tech (for refugee youth, aged 15-30) 

Your responses will help us design programs that are suited to the specific needs of you, our clients. 

To participate in the refugee entrepreneurship survey, please click on the following link (for refugees only):

To participate in the preparing youth for a career in tech survey, please click on this link (for youth refugees only):

Your responses will only be used for data collection purposes, and will not be published to any other party whatsoever.

Thank you,
ISSofBC Career Services Team

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