Subject: I am pleased to announce the use of ISSofBC as our official brand

Dear ISSofBC colleague,

One name….one mission

I am pleased to announce the launching of the “Our name is ISSofBC” branding campaign. This means that moving forward, ISSofBC is the only name you will use when identifying yourself or when publicizing the organization.

We have been known by several names over the years, and this has sometimes created confusion and misunderstanding of our mission. Many of our staff, but particularly our reception staff, frequently deal with inquiries regarding immigration. This is because the word “immigrant” in our long name is often confused with the word “Immigration” by the public – including the media.

And more recently, our shorter name “ISS” has triggered some negative feedback from the public – something we don’t want to see continue.

Since the early 2000s, we began using ISSofBC in all of our communication and marketing materials, forms, and signage. This name has now gained familiarity and engagement among our colleagues, partners and friends, so we believe the time is right to formally launch it to the public.

For the ISSofBC brand to take root, however, it needs to be used widely and consistently. To promote awareness, February has been marked “Our name is ISSofBC” month. You will receive promotional buttons, banners and branded post-it notepads to help spread the word, and a postcard that will tell you more about the campaign activities. In addition, a number of activities are taking place this month that I encourage you to participate in, including:
• Joining the ISSofBC team in the annual Chinatown new year’s parade, a hugely-popular Vancouver event; and,
• Entering the “Our Name is ISSofBC” photo contest and winning some prizes.

In the months ahead, work around overhauling all our communication and visual materials, and providing tips to staff on using the ISSofBC brand, will take place. A webpage that will be accessible only to staff ( will provide updates and more detailed information on launch activities.

The success of this branding campaign rests largely on your efforts as ISSofBC’s brand ambassador. I’m counting on your active support to help ensure everyone you come into contact with knows that our name – our only name – is ISSofBC. Thank you!


Patricia Woroch
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