Subject: Be an effective ISSofBC brand ambassador

Now that we’ve formally introduced ISSofBC to the world, let’s make it stick!

The transition may take a bit of time, considering how long we’ve been using the old names, but with consistency and conscious effort, the ISSofBC brand should take root in no time.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Speaking
  • When introducing yourself at public meetings or speaking at events where the audience is familiar with us, please say, “I’m _______ from ISSofBC.”
  • When introducing yourself at public meetings or speaking at events where the audience is not familiar with us, please say, “I’m _______ from ISSofBC, short for Immigrant Services Society of BC.”
  • When mentioning your program in an introduction, always give both our agency name and the program name, for example:
  • ISSofBC Settlement Services,” not “Settlement Services”
  • ISSofBC LINC program,” not “LINC program”
2. Writing
  • When writing formal documents or correspondence, please state our brand name followed by our long name in brackets, for example:
  • ISSofBC (Immigrant Services Society of BC)” Note: Using the long name may not be necessary once the brand name gains traction.
  • In Word documents, you can create “ISSofBC” as an auto-text by following these instructions
3. Orienting & Reminding
  • When orienting new staff, make it a point to stress the need for using the ISSofBC brand correctly (ISSofBC’s HR is including this info in their standard orientation).
  • Help yourself and your colleagues become effective ISSofBC brand ambassadors by reminding each other, when needed, on the proper use of our brand name (eg, when your colleagues use “ISS,” call them on it – nicely!)
Remember: ISSofBC is our only name

More information about the "Our Name is ISSofBC" campaign can be found on our website:

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