Subject: (early bird + bonus is STILL) Make Your Paypal Faster & Smarter

Hi there,

It's Monday, a whole new week again and there's this cool smart data analytics software launched on JVZoo few hours ago.

See what this software can do for you + my bonus here:


Now do you know that companies like Amazon, Uber, Zappos, Alibaba & Apple spend millions to learn more about their customers & get Key Performance Indicators of their business.

And now you can DO THE SAME with this amazing software… ;-)


[+] You'll be able to EXPORT all your paypal customers to your mailing list at any time.
[+] You get massive detail on your transactions not available in your account.
[+] You can track your peak order time, see where your sales come from and when the best time to promote is.
[+] You can get detailed info on all your customers including tracking your most LOYAL customers
[+] Plus much much more!

The early bird ends today at 3pm EST.

You can save $5 during this early bird phase.


Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)
:) :)

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