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8WebHosting gives you a fast reliable hosting to host your WP sites with unmetered bandwith, unlimited free SSL, WP Clone & Management Hub, 2 free domain names + domain privacy for 8 years and many more!

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In case you're still thinking about this.. Your Questions Answered:

Q) Do I Need Different Domains For 8WebHosting & Your Bonus?
A) Yes, every web-hosting needs a domain name to be attached. So you'll need 1 domain for 8WebHosting and 1 domain for our cloud hosting. The good news is 8WebHosting gives you 2 free domain names, simply use them!

Q) Can I Purchase It Now & Use It Later?
A) Yep, sooner or later you'll need a webhosting for your projects. Jump in right now and you'll get 2 webhosts for all your future projects (the 8WebHosting and our cloud-hosting bonus)

Q) What's the Difference Between 8Webhosting & Your Bonus?
A) The difference is our bonus hosting uses a cloud-clustered technology, IF one server crashes, your site is automatically switched to another server preventing unnecessary downtime ;-)

See full details about our Cloud Hosting bonus here:

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