Subject: [Wordpress] Price Comparison Affiliate Plugin (2 bonus added!)

Hi there,

I just added 2 bonus for Azon Conversion
Booster plugin because most people are
loving it! :)

No wonder because I've seen this strategy
on several big websites..

.. and you too perhaps once looking for a
way to place price comparison from Amazon,
eBay, Walmart, etc on your blog?

Well now you can! Thanks to this plugin:

Your visitors can compare prices between
different vendors or marketplace, and you
get paid no matter which site they decide
to buy from.

Isn't it great or awesome? ;-)

And here are the 2 bonus that you'll get
from me:

Bonus 1: AliBuilder WP Plugin
So you can place and promote AliExpress
products also on your affiliate sites.

Bonus 2: WP SwiftPage
So your affiliate site will load in under 2
seconds, fast website = more conversions!

=>> Get Azon Conversion Booster + My 2 Bonus Plugin

Best regards,
Leo (BCBiz)

PS. Despite the Amazon thingy name, you
can also use the plugin to promote JVZoo
products, Clickbank products, etc.

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