Subject: [Wordpress Plugin] Get More Commissions With Amazon + Coupons

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Everybody love coupons and Amazon keeps on being a salesmachine so combining it together is very powerful.

And if you are an Amazon affiliate you are 100% allowed to display the coupons on your site.. BUT, copy pasting all these manually and making sure it all is up to date would be a nightmare.

Unless you use the CouponAzon v3.0 plugin.


NOTE: Use coupon code "couponazon" to get 10% discount

If you want an easy way to monetize your affiliate site with Amazon coupons, this plugin is the only solution.

CouponAzon is a 1-click WP plugin, you just set it up once then the plugin updates the coupons automatically several times a day.

So your website always shows the current coupons and not expired ones.

Download CouponAzon plugin below:


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