Subject: [Wordpress] Add Dynamic Schema For Better Ranking..

Adding Schema markups can make your website stands out on the Google's results page.

And it's also a chance for you to profit from many businesses sites that lack of Schema markups.. here's how to do it:


The offer page focuses a lot on how to profit from clients (by offering SEO schema service).. but you can also use it for your own websites - WP sites and HTML sites too.

For example, if you have product review sites..

.. with structured reviews, Google can show your website with star ratings, thumbnails, etc at the very TOP of their search result page!

=>> Add Dynamic Schema to ALL Your Sites Today

Leo (BCBiz)

Today's Smile - DID YOU KNOW

Rephrasing words like 'I can not afford it' into 'how it will make me money' will trick your brain to force you to affording it.


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